atnpromo (atnpromo) wrote in iu_people,

Talent needed in Indiana! Easy weekend work!

We are looking for friendly people to work inside of a large retail store 2 weekends a month. This promotion is going on June through Novemeber. You do not have to work every month, but we would love to work with you for as many as possible! You will be chatting with shoppers about products and handing out free samples, very easy stuff! The pay is $12/hr.

I only have dates this far for June and July:
June 13-14 & June 20-21
July 11-12, 18-19
Times for saturdays are from 10:30am-3:15pm and sundays from 11:30-4:15pm

In order to share detailed event information with you and add you to the roster, please visit and create a profile with us by clicking "Join our team" in the upper right hand conner. Doing this is absolutely and always free, we keep your information private, and we do not send you soliciting e-mails. By registering you are simply becoming a part of our database of potential event staff, and we are then able to share detailed event info with you.

Even if you are not available for June, please go ahead and make a profile so that we may work with you in the future.

If you know of anyone else that might be interested in working on the weekends please have them make a profile as well, we are looking for a few people and we can pay you a $25 bonus just for referring someone who ends up working the program.

I'm very anxious to finalize the roster for this event, so please e-mail me back ASAP once your profile is complete so I can e-mail you all of the details (the company you will be representing, exact location, attire, etc), as this event is right around the corner.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!
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